Precast Concrete Buildings
Whether it’s a precast concrete restroom or a modular classroom, with no traditional foundation required on-site installation is completed within hours. Precast concrete buildings are constructed in climate-controlled environments which assures that quality control and production is at its highest level. Within weeks, your precast building is off the assembly line and includes all the outfitting and exterior finishes specified.


Air Management System
The system is designed to reduce challenges, when producing and delivering high-quality precast concrete. The AIRtrac technology provides real- time data monitoring and detailed dashboard reports both from the batch plant and remotely via iPhone app. Precast producers can use this data to make adjustments to mixes, reduce out-of-spec concrete and improve quality and efficiency.

GCP Applied Technologies

Concrete Wall Insulation
Polyiso provides higher performance and superior R-value, allowing for a thinner panel profile, and is ideal for site cast tilt-up, plant precast, and cast-in-place concrete walls. EnergyShield PanelCast provides excellent fire performance and because of its naturally textured coated glass facer, it provides a greater bond to concrete without post-production roughening.

Atlas EnergyShield

Concrete Panel Connectors
They are designed so they can be oriented in the panel either on their end or side, depending on the thickness of the insulation. This versatile, dual-use feature adds to the Delta Tie's effective application compatibility, remarkable strength, durability, and the design flexibility reduces inventory and storage.

Dayton Superior Corporation

Electric Concrete Pump
The PG-35SE skid electric concrete pump reduces labor costs and increases on-the-job efficiency. The PG-35SE has the ability to pump 10 yards per hour, with a vertical distance of 100 feet and horizontal distance of 300 feet. The PG-35SE powered concrete pump is compact, powerful and fits easily into any precast facility.


Wear Magnetic Liners
Our products are made of high quality polyurethane and can be applied to any steel surface which have been proven to increase wear life, reduce down time and increase efficiency. Not only do these liners require no-bolt, no-glue or welding, they are also custom fit to each application so there is no cutting involved for the customer. All that is needed is a clean surface.

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