Inventory Manager System
The Tool Connect system from DEWALT works by pairing connected tools, equipment, and materials with the Tool Connect app. The same data is also stored online, accessed by logging into the web portal with a registration, username, and password. The system also streamlines tracking, check-in, and check-out processes of tools.

Connected Products
Connecting tools, equipment, and materials is key to this inventory management system. Connecting can be done in four ways, via new and existing Tool Connect tools, the new Tool Connect Tag, the new 20V MAX Tool Connect Connector, and existing Tool Connect batteries.

Connection Devices
For assets that do not have integrated Bluetooth capability, users can still connect by using the Tool Connect Tag or the 20V MAX Connector. The Tag, which features more than three years of integrated battery life, can attach to large equipment, pallets of material, and ladders in a variety of ways. Whether glued, screwed, or riveted to an asset, the Tag keeps track of any item on the jobsite.

For DEWALT tools that are not already connected, the 20V MAX Connector permanently attaches directly between the battery and tool. In addition to its permanent connection, the Connector can disable itself when out of range, providing a layer of security and peace-of-mind. At only 4.1oz, the Connector features a rechargeable internal coin cell battery that charges when a 20V MAX battery is inserted. Similar to the Tag, the Connector also features an easily accessible pair button as well as blue LEDs that light up to indicate that it is identified. Most of the more than 100 products in the 20V MAX System can be connected to the Tool Connect system. With the tools, Tag, Connector, and batteries, anything on the jobsite can become part of the Tool Connect system.

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