Once again this year, concrete producers have an opportunity to spend some extra time with exhibitors who are especially in touch with their needs. Be sure to visit the Producer Center in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during World of Concrete. Exhibiting companies in this specialized area will include manufacturers of mixing equipment, admixtures, technologies, and more.

Below are a sampling of products manufactured by companies that will exhibit in the Procucer Center. Booth numbers were correct at time of publishing.

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Reduce delivery costs

The COMMANDoptimize dispatch system automatically allocates loads to trucks, suggests a detailed driver call-in plan, recommends cost-effective load assignments, and immediately replans in the event the plant shuts down or a truck is out of service. Truck counts, locations, and capacities are all evaluated continually to ensure the optimal operational plan is executed every minute of the day. The system reduces delivery costs per load. Command Alkon. 800-624-1872. www.commandalkon.com

WOC booth #N737

Beat the Heat

Through a partnership with Carrier Corp., air-cooled Sioux water chillers provide fast and continuous cold water for concrete production in hot weather. They allow for precise control of water temperature, as well as control of the volume of water going into the mix. Sioux chillers provide easy operation and maintenance. The products are available in several sizes, and can be stationary or portable. Service and start up are available through Carrier's national service centers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Sioux Corp. 877-763-4032. www.sioux.com

WOC booth #N1053

Stop hauling waste

The high-capacity C-3 Hammermill Crusher eliminates the expense of hauling waste and lowers raw material costs. With an extra large throat, the crusher can be charged by a front-end loader or other automatic method. A sizing grate in the crushing chamber ensures uniformity of crushed material. Interchangeable grates are available in various sizes to produce material from 1 1/4 in. to fine powder. It can crush 40-50 tons per hour with a 75-hp motor. Mixer Systems Inc. 800-756-4937. www.mixersystems.com

WOC booth #N527

Lightweight thermal additive

Elemix is composed of innovative polymeric spheres specially formulated for use in concrete. Uniform distribution provides lighter weight and enhanced durability in structural and nonstructural applications. Elemix is a sustainable solution, reducing weight, improving concrete performance, and increasing R-values. Applications include ready-mix in grouts and fills, poured-in-place concrete, elevated decks and toppings, block, and precast elements. Syntheon Inc. 412-490-4789. www.elemix.com

WOC booth #N1170

Improved reclamation system

Betonwash reclaims excess concrete and slurry water from the cleaning of trucks, pumps, ready-mix trucks, and buckets. The system is flexible with an improved hopper and simple maintenance. Like the previous model, the Betonwash requires no filters and uses a spiral system to extract solid materials. It is available in two models rated at 13 and 32 cubic yards/hour capacity. Simem America Corp. 877-333-9924. www.simem.us

WOC booth #N847

Remove hardened concrete without chipping

The Ready-Jet mixer drum concrete removal system uses high-pressure water to remove hardened concrete from inside mixer truck drums instead of manual chipping. This significantly reduces exposure to silica dust well below OSHA permissible exposure limits and eliminates damage to drums and blades caused by jackhammers. The system accommodates all types of ready-mix drums. Blasters Ready Jet Inc. 800-327-6799. www.ready-jet.com

WOC booth #N964

Quartz makes concrete shine

Crystal White Quartz is a premium aggregate quarried in Northern Ontario. The beauty and hardness of quartz make it ideal for architectural products. Crystal White has recently been selected for large-scale architectural precast projects in the Southeast U.S. Fister Quarries Group. 800-542-7393. www.fisterquarries.com

WOC booth #N236

Protect batch computers from surges

Integra Batch's unique design provides complete electrical isolation for lightning protection between the computer control and the physical plant. Connections between the batch computer, weigh scales, junction box, and the plant control wiring are made via fiber optic cables which do not transmit electrical surges. Smart valves can provide further surge isolation. Systech Inc. 630-515-0200. www.systech-inc.com

WOC booth #N237

Mixing in tight spots

The manufacturer's twin-shaft mixers are suitable for high outputs of pre-mixed concrete and are available in sizes of 3 to 8 yds. Their compact design is ideal for mobile mixing plants and for construction sites with limited space. Depending on the size, they can easily process aggregate up to 7 in. The 3-yard model has one electric motor; the larger models have two. Liebherr Concrete Technology. 866-879-6312. www.liebherr.us

WOC booth #N724

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