In addition to selling ready-mixed concrete and precast elements, concrete producers should not forgo the chance to sell other construction products to contractors. It truly gives them one-stop shopping and adds to producers' bottom lines. Below are some products producers can sell to contractors, followed by a general selection of products you can find at World of Concrete.

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Environmentally friendly concrete repair

Specifically designed for horizontal to near horizontal applications, D.O.T.Line is an environmentally friendly, high performance, rapid concrete repair product. Developed by combining non-hazardous materials into a cementitious mineral structure, the concrete repair product comprises more than 90% recycled materials. It comes in turnkey, pre-extended, 58-pound bags and is mixed and placed like traditional concrete. CeraTech Inc. 800-581-8397. WOC booth #SG11

Wrap-around protection

Delta-Drain is a drainage and protection system for foundation walls that provides an effective barrier against water penetration with a dimpled, high-density core welded to a high-strength poly-propylene filter fabric. Applicable for large or small projects, sheets can be placed in vertical strips or overlapped horizontally to provide coverage to depths of 30 feet. Cosella-Dorken Products, Inc. 888-433-5824. WOC booth #S12119

Foam sealer

CF 512 Cold Weather Foam is specially formulated to dispense and cure at temperatures as low as 30° F. The high-yield foam is designed for filling around penetrations and general gap/crack applications and is ideal for restricting air, sound, dirt, and water infiltration in a variety of situations. Hilti Inc. 800-879-8000. WOC booth #O30874

Fiber reinforcement

Fibermesh 650 is a macro-synthetic fiber used for temperature/shrinkage reinforcement. Firmly anchored within the concrete, the fibers provide an added measure of crack control in commercial and industrial applications. Helping to provide long-term durability, including impact, abrasion, and shatter resistance, the fibers are designed to reduce both early-age plastic cracking and drying shrinkage. Propex. 800-621-1273. WOC booth #N825

Self-leveling underlayment

Quick Dry is a self-leveling underlayment designed for use over concrete slabs and pre-stressed concrete at thicknesses ranging from feather-edge to 3 inches. With strengths of 5000 to 6000 psi, it can be used in various applications, including commercial, institutional, and rehab construction. It features a self-sealing technology and requires no shot blasting. It can also be stained or used by itself as a finished floor in conjunction with an approved coating system. USG Corp. 800-487-4431. WOC Booth #S11250

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Mel-Rol LM (All Season) is a single component, polymer-modified, cold-applied, liquid waterproofing membrane for below-grade vertical applications. Suitable for spray or roll-on application, it features very low vapor permeability, bridges minor cracks, and will not become brittle with age. Designed to be applied in temperatures as low as 10° F, it can be used for new and remedial waterproofing applications on concrete or masonry block substrates. W.R. Meadows, Inc. 800-342-5976. WOC booth #S10607

ICF vibrator

The hand-held ICF vibrator is used on the outside of insulating concrete forms to consolidate the concrete. Applied first to the bottom of the form and moved upward, it allows air to float up and out of the concrete. This simple and efficient tool speeds production, makes window- and corner-access easy, and eliminates rebar problems. Brecon Vibration Technology Inc. 815-463-8073. WOC booth #N1074

Other products at World of Concrete include... Fast-acting admixtures

Glenium 7000 series high-range water-reducing admixtures offer performance benefits for precast and prestressed concrete producers. Made of polycarboxylate polymers, the admixtures enable producers to maintain slump, workability, and setting time while providing high early strength and consistently producing high-quality, durable concrete. BASF Corp. 800-669-2273. WOC booth #S10339