The RM332 is now available in size 385/65R22.5 in load range L, in addition to size 425/65R22.5 in load range L introduced in April.

The RM332 WB tire has a deep 23/32nds of tread depth to provide extended tread life in severe, high scrub applications, and a cut and chip resistant compound specially formulated to meet the diverse performance requirements of mixed service applications. In addition, the tire features a specially designed rib-type tread pattern to withstand the rigors of heavy-haul driving, on- and off-road, while also providing long tread life and even wear.

The design of the RM332 WB tire includes a protective curb bar on both sidewalls and stone protector ledges in all four circumferential grooves to help resist stone penetrations. These features help preserve the casing for retreading. To promote durability for heavy-haul fleets, the RM332 WB has four heavy-duty, full-width steel belts. The new RM332 WB is backed by a Roadmaster warranty that offers two retreads within six years.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

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