Reflection Stone new concrete masonry veneer series offers the sophisticated character and charm of hand-hewn natural stone, combined with the exceptional durability and time-saving convenience of concrete masonry products.

Reflection Stone products are designed to be used just like natural cut stone; however, for most applications no splitting or sorting is required. Instead, the multiple sized units can simply be pulled off the pallet layers and laid directly in place. Early users have reported up to four to five times faster production times using Reflection Stone over natural stone products for similar applications.

Reflection Stone is sold by the layer to accommodate virtually any size project. It is available in four alluring color blends and three size modules. These can be ordered in any proportion and blended on site to create stunning facades with unlimited freedom of design:

Standard size units are suitable for both interior and exterior residential or light commercial applications. Each layer of Reflection Stone covers 12.25 sq ft, and includes nine pre-blended sizes.

Larger units look stunning when used on their own for large structures or a wainscoting effect. They also provide dimension when blended with standard size Reflection Stone units on commercial or residential buildings. Each layer of Reflection Stone Grand covers 11 sq ft and includes four distinct sizes.

For a more traditional aesthetic, Reflection Brick comes in four sizes and covers 13.3 sq ft per layer. Use Reflection Brick to replicate the look of a brick building with the texture of natural stone; or, when used as filler pieces on inside corners and other areas, it can minimize time-consuming cutting on projects using Reflection Stone units.

All sizes of Reflection Stone, Reflection Stone Grand, and Reflection Brick are available as thin and full veneer units. Thin veneer units can be installed without the use of a supporting concrete ledge. This makes them ideal for retrofits and remodels as well as a cost-effective choice for new construction. Unlike some manufactured stone products, Reflection Stone can be used above or below grade, making it as versatile as it is beautiful.

The Reflection Stone series is available immediately and will be kept in stock at County Materials’ contractor and retail locations, eliminating the weeks-long waiting period often experienced with alternative products.

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