Cresset Chemical’s Water-based & Eco-friendly CRETE-LEASE 20-VOC-XTRA release agent propels high-end architectural results.

High-end aesthetics are increasingly desired in today’s modern architectural landscape. The designer’s vision often involves intricate and nuanced configurations that require the highest level of detailed care in order to realize their ambitious objectives.

To facilitate this “devil’s in the details” dilemma, Cresset Chemical Co. has advanced its original Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra Release Agent. Engineered for use in the highest realm of architectural and decorative concrete applications, the proprietary blend is an special emulsion of vegetable and mineral oils in water that contains no waxes, silicones, or carcinogens.

Notably, the advanced composition release agent is non-toxic, non-flammable, solventless, and low odor-meeting rigid OSHA, EPA, and meets or exceeds all federal and state VOC regulations. Ultimately, Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra permits easy, stain-free removal of forms and formliners from hardened concrete, while reducing bugholes on the concrete surface.

The water-based, green technology enhancements make it safer for the environment and it can be used on virtually any form – especially those requiring intricately detailed work on concrete. Longer life of plywood is achieved by acting as a water repellent from inside the wood. It also helps steel forms from rusting, works on expanded polystyrene (PS), and applies over residual form oils on used forms. Ultimately, it can be used on virtually any form or form liner to keep them clean and extend the life of the form.


  • VOC = 160 g/L
  • Cost on hard/smooth surfaces is approximately $0.007 per square foot
  • Not regulated by the US-DOT
  • Applies with any applicator type or technique: sprayer, roller, brush, mop, etc.
  • Keeps up to eight months-to-one year (when sealed) at temps from 40 degrees F to 100 degrees F
  • Coverage (hard/smooth surface): 1,000 sq ft per gal
  • Coverage (pre-oiled plywood): 900 sq ft per gal
  • Coverage (untreated plywood): 700 sq ft per gal

Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra comes ready to use. Optimal results are achieved with form surfaces being clean and dry from contaminants before spraying, rolling, brushing, or wiping it on. Apply just minutes, hours, or days before concrete is placed-or up to 14 days if treated surface is protected.

While exceeding environmental regulations, Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra delivers the highest level of architectural and decorative concrete release advantages. These allow concrete producers and architects to achieve their most complex design configurations. One of the industry’s most reliable and visually impactful aesthetic solutions; the product has been used on such high-profile projects as the stately lion relief at the MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV), and the intricately decorative flood walls that were recently constructed in New Orleans. .
Crete-Lease 20-VOC-Xtra is available in the U.S. and Canada in a convenient aerosol spray can, one- and five-gal containers, Cresset’s familiar 55-gal orange and white striped drums, and 275-gallon MegaPaks. Shipping options are designed for reconditioning to save on disposal costs, are not federally regulated, and do not require following hazardous shipping requirements. Cresset also offers a limited warranty against defects in materials for eight months from purchase.