Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor is a corrosion inhibitor that provides low chloride ion penetration, water repellence, and corrosion resistance for metals embedded in a mortar or concrete, such as metal wire lath or rebar. Adding Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor to mortar or concrete will provide a protective coating over metal through the encapsulation of the repair material. Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor provides triple protection against corrosion environments.

According to Grant Kao, Manager of Product Development with Rapid Set Products, Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor is ideal for increasing corrosion resistance on any jobsite. “Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor acts as a water repellent and reduces chloride ion permeability,” said Kao. “We believe it is a tremendous addition to the Rapid Set line of products, providing a way to increase the life expectancy of metals surrounded by concrete.”Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor innovative additive provides triple protection for contractors. By using it in areas susceptible to corrosion and chloride it increases corrosion resistance. In particular, marine applications, harsh freeze/thaw environments, and roads and bridges can benefit from its protection. The Corrosion Inhibitor repels water, preventing unsightly appearance to concrete, and helps provide highly durable, long-lasting concrete structures.

The life expectancy of metals, steel and rebar can also be increased through reducing chloride permeability, creating safer and stronger structures. Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor can be used with Rapid Set cement products including Mortar Mix (55-lb. bag), Cement All (55-lb. bag), Concrete Mix (60-lb. bag), Stucco Mix (50-lb. bag), DOT Repair Mortar (70-lb. bag), and DOT Repair Mix (55-lb. bag). It may be used in combination with all Rapid Set® additives. For more information on Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor, contact CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation at 800-929-3030, [email protected] or go to www.ctscement.com.