Use Rapid Set TRU PC to quickly and easily simulate the appearance of polished concrete floors – without the time and cost of installing a new concrete floor. TRU PC is an advanced, professional grade, hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping. Through grinding and polishing, the aggregate can be exposed and the appearance of polished concrete simulated.

“Polished concrete is a growing trend in a variety of establishments. Big box stores, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and grocery stores are specifying polished concrete floors,” said Matt Sambol, Sr. Product Development Engineer, CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp.

TRU PC is considered to have superior polishability due to low polymer dosage and high density. The result is an outstanding clarity and gloss.

“The specialty aggregate and gray color give TRU PC the ability to simulate the appearance of a new polished concrete floor in a 3/8” overlay. It provides an owner with a high-end option without the cost and time required to replace the floor,” said Sambol. “TRU PC is responding to the industry trends while providing the strength, durability, and outstanding clarity desired.”

Advantages of TRU PC are that it levels rapidly, maintains workability for up to 20 minutes, produces a dense surface, and has high bond strength. The nature of TRU PC allows for fast track production – foot traffic is allowed in 2 to 3 hours, wet or dry grinding in 24 hours, and coating application in 12 hours. The result is 5000 psi (34.5 MPa) in 24 hours and greater than 7000 psi (48.3 MPa) in 28 days. The high-strength aggregate at the polished surface can increase the abrasion and scratch resistance of the floor. Additionally, as it is considered an interior and exterior product, TRU PC is durable in wet or dry conditions.

The use of TRU PC also reduces the carbon footprint and lowers the project’s environmental impact, as the production of Rapid Set cement emits far less CO2 than portland cement.

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