Jobsite charger/radio

With a multi-chemistry charger, the DC012 is the only heavy-duty jobsite charger/radio that can charge Ni-Cd and Li-Ion battery packs. Within one hour, it can charge any of the manufacturer's 7.2- to 18-volt Ni-Cd or Li-Ion batteries. A heavy-duty roll cage protects the unit from jobsite damage. The AM/FM charger/radio features 4-in. HD weather-resistant speakers, digital tuning, and pre-set memory buttons.

DeWalt. 800-433-9258.

Lift materials safely

The material handling hoist kit is a consistent, code-compliant method for lifting materials to any height. It is compatible with many brands of electric traction hoists, without making modifications, disabling safety features, or relabeling. Use the kit for stand-alone applications or in combination with stage applications. It includes a 39-lb. material hoist frame assembly and electrical set.

Spider, a div. of SafeWorks. 877-774-3370.

Keep tools secure

Protect against break-ins with the Weather Guard E-Line Saddle Box Model 143 truck box. Security features include a locking system and tamper-resistant, full-length, piano-style hinge. The heavy-duty saddle box has a reinforced aluminum diamond-plate body with an automotive-grade, baked-on powder-coat finish. Automotive-style latches with a paddle handle mechanism make single-handed opening easy, even with bulky work gloves.

Knaack LLC. 800-456-7865.

Waterproof any surface

Turbo-Seal P waterproofing bonds to any surface for permanent waterproofing in new construction and repair applications. It requires no primer or mixing, and can be cold-applied using a rotor/stator pump and trowel or by injecting directly onto the positive side of a substrate. Turbo-Seal P works in both above- and belowgrade applications for side wrap and finish waterproofing. It adheres to wet substrate as well as heterogeneous surfaces.

OCM Inc. 866-457-5710.

Environmental waterproofing

M1000 integral waterproofing additive protects grout, mortar, and stucco from moisture. Adding a very small amount of M1000 up front eliminates the need for additional labor, equipment, and re-application. It resists stains and offers efflorescence control and freeze-thaw protection. The environmentally friendly product line replaces conventional external waterproofing membranes. M1000 is available in liquid and dry formulations.

Hycrete Inc. 201-386-8110.

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