Ride-On Grinder
The CPS Rover is a zero-turn, propane-fueled grinder with a 32” path, perfect for many applications. The Rovers precise hand-control, cordless operation, and an onboard electric head lift makes for easy tooling changes and transport. An onboard electric generation allows for adjustable lighting, and the on-board water sprayer allows for easy wet grinding.

The CPS Rover weighs in at 1115 pounds with 760 pounds of grinding pressure and a variable engine speed of up to 3,600 rotations per minute. Combined with CPS’ range of diamond tooling, The Rover delivers on power and quality while minimizing operator exhaustion.

Concrete Polishing Solutions


Propane-driven Walk-behind Grinder
Draygon Inc. has introduced a new walk-behind grinder that promises to outperform competing grinders while keeping harmful silica dust out of the air and workplace.

The grinding plates are designed to create a vortex that pulls dust up through the plates and into the dust extractor for dust-free dry grinding. Each plate holds up to 12 tools, and each tool can contain up to 10 segments. With as many as 120 diamond tool segments at work, the Draygon-Shine works faster, never labors the motor, and creates a smoother surface. The faster grind speed and greater diamond contact on the floor surface creates more heat, so Draygon developed the driver plates to cool the tools for longer wear.

Draygon Inc.

Concrete Floor Grinder
Although it's large and heavy-duty, the 800 HD Classic grinder is easy to handle, fitted with a 15 HP motor for power and three grinding discs for performance. Changing the diamond tool is fast with the HTC instant tool change system. Fit the wing of the tool into the slot on the holder, and gently tap the tool firmly into place with a rubber hammer.


Combiflex 650 Propane
Combiflex 650 Propane

Scanmaskin Propane and DSP Floor Grinders
The Scan Combiflex 650 Propane is 100% by propane, making it an ideal choice for concrete surface prep work in environments with little to no access to external power. This grinder allows contractors to set up in minutes the and can be wheeled onto a job site.

Both he 650 Propane and 650 DSP have a 26-inch grinding path. They each hold 18 tools and are engineered to direct the torque of the machine at the floor not at the operator’s hip. This allows the units to grind or polish at higher speeds with minimal vibration and stress.


Heavy duty grinder and polisher
This machine is for larger jobs above 10,000 sq. ft. The machine comes with mounting hardware and the Magnetic Instant-change tool mounting system that can mount scrapper, regular metal trapezoid, and Velcro mount tools. The handle comes with a C shape attachment to control the machine with ease and is instantly adjustable to be more comfortable.


Propane grinder and polisher
Model L32G-X features a chain-driven forced planetary drive, a propane-powered Kawasaki engine FX921V (31 hp), six grinding heads, 1270lbs weight and adjustable grinding pressure up to 850 lbs. with convenient built-in weights. This versatile machine is suitable for large projects, is easy to use, and with no electrical wiring or generators needed takes no time to set up on the job site.


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