Brian Whinnery
Joe Nasvik Brian Whinnery

Brian Whinnery says that his company concentrates on a wide range of decorative finishes but he also installs industrial flooring. He is optimistic about the 2008 construction season in his area.

Whinnery and his partner Dennis Yurconis focused on a polymer-modified concrete overlay system for his Artistry demo. First, a bond coat of polymer modified thin finish was magic troweled over the entire pad. Next, they taped an 18-inch border around the slab and gauge raked ¼-inch-thick overlay cement and embossed the surface with a seamless texture mat. Four hours later, they handcarved joints using a simple banding strap mounted on a wood handle. The next day the individual stones were colored with a variety of color combinations using both reactive and water-based stains. Once the tops of the stones were sealed, it was ready to be grouted with the same thin finish, tinted slightly with concentrated charcoal colorant. In the center of the panel, Whinnery laid out and masked a few curved intersecting lines, masked and reverse taped to create a seamless transition between different colors, then with a reactive stain highlighted throughout. Last, it was sealed with 100% solids polyaspatic polyurea.

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