Citadel Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer is a two component, 100% solids, fast setting epoxy primer used to remedy damp concrete floors. Ultra-Hydro Stop primer has excellent adhesion to even the most moisture-laden concrete slabs. Ultra-Hydro Stop Primer also exhibits excellent self-leveling properties and is unaffected by high pH levels up to 14, making it a perfect solution on any concrete surface. Ultra Hydro Stop is now available in clear and two pre-tinted colors. The pre-tinted colors can be used as broadcast coats saving contractors time and money.

  • Superior adhesion characteristics to damp concrete
  • Pre-tinted in Light Grey and Dunes Tan
  • Resistant to high alkalinity floors up to 14 pH
  • Emits extremely low odor and can be applied indoors with minimal disturbance to surrounding -
  • Excellent self-leveling properties increase hiding power over damaged substrates.
  • Can be used as a green concrete primer.
  • Expedites return to service with a fast tack free time of 4 hours at 72°F
  • Odor reducer/barrier