Concrete Polishing Solutions is proud to announce a new addition to its tooling lineup. The Bling Pad is an 8,000-grit diamond-impregnated hogs hair pad that brings incomparable gloss to multiple flooring types, including concrete, terrazzo, travertine and marble.

The versatile 27” Bling Pad fits under burnishers and autoscrubbers for maintenance, floor rejuvenation, or as the final burnishing step in concrete floor polishing, leaving floors with a high-gloss shine in any application. Whether running wet or dry, Bling Pad won’t strip sealers, keeping floors protected while adding a lustrous gloss.

Whether part of floor rejuvenation, the final polishing step, or as a maintenance product, Bling Pad is essential to those looking for excellent results. As part of CPS’ newest Shine-On Floor Rejuvenation System, the Bling Pad plays an integral role in rejuvenating worn-out and neglected floors. As a part of a concrete polishing process, such as the XACT Polished Concrete Floor System, the Bling Pad is essential for burnishing thin mil coatings to deepen the gloss on a newly polished floor.

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