The Mongoose 3 features innovative three-wheel design coupled with the quality, dependability and versatility.

The Mongoose 3 includes…

• Flip-Up Front Pointer – Easily aligns with chalk line or flips up and out of the way for tight spaces.
• Vacuum Port – Impact shield slows debris at the source and channels it into the vacuum for nearly dust-free cutting.
• Spring Loaded Cutting Head – Press down to cut. Release and the blade pops out of the cut.
• Powerful Motor – Turns at 10,000 RPM for the power you need to engrave concrete quickly and efficiently.
• Adjustable Length Wheel Base – Ideal for moving from straight line cutting to circular cuts.
• Depth Control Screw – Easily adjust to compensate for blade wear and maintaining consistent cutting depth.
• Wide Wheels – Provide better traction and stability

Engrave-A-Crete, Inc.

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