The wet look for decorative concrete

Using new cross-linking chemistry previously unavailable to industry, Lifeguard Wet Look Gloss is a high-solids sealer designed to enhance and protect decorative concrete. It is effective for use on acid-stained and integrally colored concrete. Once applied, it imparts a highly reflective sheen that is resistant to staining from motor oil, vegetable oil, and gasoline. It's applied in two coats, a thin first coat and a heavy second coat. Lifeguard Waterproofing Products, Booth C8333, 800-213-7308. Circle 5.

Beautiful tilt-up

Embedding genuine architectural concrete masonry veneer into the face of a panel, the Chameleon Cast Wall system makes tilt-up beautiful. By laying the 2-inch facers in the casting bed before pouring concrete, a tilt crew can give a wall a variety of available colors, finishes, and patterns. The system provides excellent durability, freeze/thaw resistance, and strength, at an added cost of about $5 per square foot. Chameleon Cast Wall System, Booth N2870, 617-232-3354, Circle 6.

Maintenance-free deck coating

ForeverCoat is a maintenance-free deck coating that requires no recoatings—ever. Applied with slurry coat (¼ to ½ inch thick), it provides exceptional protection against the elements and heavy pedestrian traffic. It is ideal for new or existing concrete or plywood decks, for both residential and commercial structures, and is commonly installed on sundecks, balconies, walkways, stairs, courtyards, and many other areas. It also achieves Class A roofing and 1-hour fire ratings. Many colors, textures, and designs are available. AVM Industries, Inc., Booth S11911, 818-888-0050, Circle 7.

Decorative concrete system

The Rock-N-Roller is a new patterned decorative concrete roller system for concrete slabs. Its border rollers come in five available patterns and have matching accessories. Lightweight and easy to use, the roller produces professional looking decorative slabs and reduces time and labor costs. Each patent-pending roller also comes with unique spray and weight systems. Kraft Tool Co., Booth S11525, 800-422-2448, Circle 8.

Odorless decorative sealer

NeutraSeal is an odorless, solvent-based concrete sealer that is ideal for interior concrete areas, decorative overlays, and acid-stained floors. It provides color enhancement, or a wet look, without noxious fumes, so there is no need for heavy ventilation or closing the area. It can also be used as a primer for water-based polyurethanes, acrylics, and epoxies because it penetrates deeper and better than water-based sealers and improves concrete adhesion. Decosup Inc., Booth S12337, 800-788-0014, Circle 9.

Concrete makeover solution

Change the color of your concrete without changing the texture with the Newlook Concrete Color Maintenance system. It is a water-based, non-acid, solid-color stain that penetrates the concrete surface for almost any desired color with a tenacious bond. This breathable coating won't peel or delaminate and is easy to maintain. It has a built-in sealer and is designed to be applied over itself without the need for stripping. Newlook Coatings & Stains, Booth N2772, 877-763-9566, Circle 10.

Surface pH tester

The PH100 ExStik pH meter has a flat surface electrode for pH measurements of semi-solid and solid surfaces. Concrete and masonry contractors can determine if the cement surfaces are properly neutralized before application of decorative coatings, colors, sealants, glues, mastics, tiles, carpets, or other flooring. This pocket-sized tool is highly accurate and automatically compensates for the temperature. It's also durable, easy to maintain, and easy to calibrate. Extech Instruments Corp., Booth S10806, 781-890-7440, Circle 11.

Shifting color decorative sealer

Pearl Essence sealer is a new high-tech concrete sealer specifically for the decorative market. With its combination of a sealer and aggregated color, it applies and appears clear, but cures to create the appearance of changing colors. From one angle, it looks clear, from another sapphire, another lavender. Available in three color ranges, it is perfect for sidewalks, entryways, and any place you want concrete to change color with the changing light. Dayton Superior, Booth C5223, 877-416-3439, Circle 12.

Long-lasting green acid stain

The hunter green and sage green, chrome-etch acid stains were developed so as not to discolor like traditional copper-based green acid stains. The sage green stain is formulated for staining concrete that is no more than 2 days old, eliminating the need to wait for concrete to cure. The hunter green, which gives a dark green color with heavy application and a light bluish-green with light application, can be applied 1 day after placement, or anytime thereafter. Neither stain will produce black discoloration, and both can be used for exterior applications. Specialty Concrete Products Inc., Booth N1253, 800-533-4702, Circle 13.

Water-based concrete stain

Smith's Color Floor water-based stains were developed to achieve a natural variegated appearance as an alternative to hazardous solvent and acid-based stains. It is alkali- and UV-resistant, with superior adhesion to interior and exterior concrete, plaster, natural stone, and other porous mediums. It can be applied with an airbrush, production gun, HVLP or typical bug sprayers, sea sponge, or bristle brush. In addition to 20 base colors, Smith has expanded the line to include “Bright Lights” or high chroma stains, as well as metallic, iridescent, pearlescent, and flip-flop stains. Smith Paint Products, Booth S12401, 800-466-8781,, Circle 14.

Decorative cut saw

The X150D decorative Prowler saw is designed specifically for the contractor who is seeking a no-hassle way to make decorative cuts. The tool is also intended to be economical and durable. It has a low-noise, low-vibration 4.5-hp Robin engine that is suitable for both large and small jobs. The uniquely designed blade block drops the blade directly into existing cuts for decorating, widening, or repairing cuts, Soff-Cut InternationalBooth C6241, 800-776-3328, Circle 15.

Acid stain enhancer

Acid Stain Enhancer & Neutralizer intensifies the reaction of acid stain to minerals in concrete, thereby enhancing colors. Use after the stain has been applied and dried, and it will deepen the color, create uniformity if applied uniformly, or high-light areas if applied strategically. It is an excellent way to restore old concrete that otherwise might have little of the necessary minerals remaining in the surface to accept the stains sufficiently. Once rinsed off with the residue, the concrete has been neutralized and, once dry, will be ready for sealer. Clemons Concrete Coatings, Booth N212, 615-793-3160, Circle 16.

Visualize decorative concrete

Customers can visualize decorative concrete on their own property with the new Deco-Con Imaging software. It allows contractors to go to a customer's home, take a digital picture of the driveway and instantly show what a number of different stamped or stenciled patterns and color combinations will look like. The program helps close sales faster, improve satisfaction rates, and create more referrals. Depiction Software, Booth N2472, 818-707-4451, Circle 17.