Every year as World of Concrete nears, friends and acquaintances always pose the same question when I tell them my annual trek to Las Vegas is approaching. “How can you spend four days devoted to nothing but concrete?” they invariably ask.

I admit that before I went to my first WOC, I wondered the same thing. Now, after all this time, I wonder how we fit everything in in just four short days. There is so much to see and do from morning to night, both inside and outside the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.

One of many attendees’ favorite areas is the Concrete Surfaces Decorative Pavilion outside the South Hall. Whether showgoers make their living in the decorative concrete industry or not, everyone enjoys seeing how artisans transform gray concrete into decorative showpieces. It’s not unusual to hear many oohs and aahs as attendees wander around the Artistry in Concrete demonstrations and the nearby exhibitor booths.

New this year, we let the attendees get in on the action and asked them to select their favorite projects and exhibitor booths. Much of this issue is devoted to these projects. In addition to reading stories recapping the week at the pavilion, have some fun and check out all of the colorful photos. Also, be sure to watch the concrete artisans talk about their projects in the videos.