Cure and seal concrete

Clear Guard Cure and Seal is a solvent-based, nonyellowing, curing and sealing compound for new and existing concrete surfaces. Formulated for uncolored, integrally colored, color hardened, stamped and stenciled concrete, and cementitious overlays, it's suitable for residential and commercial jobs, interior floors, exterior hardscapes, and vertical surfaces. In addition to enhancing the surface, the sealer protects the surface and forms a moisture barrier. Butterfield Color. 800-282-3388.

Customizable stamps

Artistic decorative concrete stamps for commercial and residential concrete work are manufactured from high-grade rubber. Art Stamped Concrete's custom designed logo stamps are approximately ¼-inch deep and have an optional ¼-inch ridge to create a frame. Thirty-five ready-made designs in 16- to 18-inch formats are available in various styles, including ocean, wildlife, flowers, bird-houses, feng shui, animal tracks, and multiple borders. Art Stamped Concrete. 307-332-6595.

Sandblast stencils

Made from a lightweight, flexible material that is easily cut into any pattern, Sandblast Stencils are sandblasted into the concrete surface creating both texture and relief. Decorative borders, corporate logos, medallions, and original artwork are easy to create. The stencils are easy to use. Simply apply the cut stencil, sandblast the pattern, and peel the stencil up. No adhesive residue is left behind. Brickform. 800-483-9628.

Decorative resurfacing

Stardek is a resurfacer formulated using tough acrylics, color pigments, and cementitious materials. It transforms an oily, mildew-stained, or rust-stained surface into a colorful, textured finish in various designs such as brick, tile, slate, or custom. Slip resistant and cooler than concrete, it's suitable for pool decks, spas, and patios, and is easy to maintain. Stardek Products. 800-282-1599.