Duro-Nox HS & Duro-Nox HSC combine lithium and potassium in a blend, a first-of-its kind densifier offering from Nox-Crete. The result is a blended product which brings together the best of both types of silicates. With Duro-Nox HS & Duro-Nox HSC, Nox-Crete has created a product that is easier to use, with improved performance properties and value. Thanks to its controlled reactivity, Duro-Nox HS & Duro-Nox HSC offers increased user-friendliness under a variety of application environments and concrete mix designs. It is also shown to have fewer problems with whiting than traditional silicate blends. No rinsing is required, lowering cost and labor. The product is considered a “next generation” densifier—combining the technology of earlier generation products while mitigating some of their disadvantages.

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