Applied at 16.0 to 20.0 mils dry film thickness it penetrates the concrete surface to provide excellent adhesion and ultra-low permeability, helping to reduce moisture from escaping new and existing concrete surfaces where elevated moisture vapor transmission levels are of concern.

Series 208 can be applied as early as 10 days after newly placed concrete is installed instead of 28 days, which is the standard cure time for other primers. The 100 percent solids primer conforms to the volatile organic compound (VOC) requirements of every air district in the U.S. and its low odor allows it to be used in occupied areas, making it ideal for fast-track projects where sustainability is a consideration.

Following application, it can be top-coated after six to eight hours of cure time at ambient temperatures. Series 208 has been used successfully in combination with epoxy and epoxy-urethane topcoat systems for color and gloss retention.

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