The LAVINA X series include a full range of models, from 7-in and 13-in edgers to 32-in Self-Propelled and 38-in Remote-Controlled Propane model.

Lavina machines are well-known as powerful, durable, versatile and very easy to use, but with efficiency at top priority, the most notable feature of the new X line is the minimized machine maintenance. All models 25-inch and up feature a new window on the machine base which allows for quick access to the planetary drive system and easy belt maintenance. Other machine features include improved handle lock technology, improved water delivery system with metered water flow, and more.

The self-propelled LAVINA 32M-X was the star at WOC. It features a large 32-inch work path capacity, a powerful 25 hp motor and almost 1000 lbs. of grinding pressure (incl. weights). A second motor propels the machine forward, requiring very little physical effort from the operator and guaranteeing a steady floor processing speed. The new grinding and polishing machines are complemented by the LAVINA heavy duty industrial vacuums.

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