The DURATIQ 5 has a grinding width of 20 inches and is available in two models –3 hp (2.2 kW) and 5 hp (4.0 kW). Both are equipped with a new design that focuses on ease of handling and power.

Some of the features include:

  • A digital control panel that controls grinder capacity and functions
  • A hermetically sealed and dustproof grinder head for maximum reliability
  • Effective and energy-efficient motors for higher grinding performance
  • Modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transport and optimal handling
  • Mist Cooler System (MCS) with choice of three water flows and auto-venting pump
  • Easy-to-handle weights
  • 20 different handle settings for optimal ergonomics

The optional MCS (Mist Cooler System sprays a fine mist of water on the floor to cool diamond tools during grinding, which improves their performance. The MCS is included as part of the water package option that enables wet grinding with externally connected water hoses. The grinding head’s dust-proof design and heavy duty components ensure precise results. The machine’s electrical components are organized in a newly designed, dustproof cabinet. Despite the fully sealed design, heat is kept at a lower level than in conventional electrical cabinets and the temperature can be monitored via the HMI panels.

With over 120 compatible HTC tools, the DURATIQ 5 also offers versatility. It can handle everything from grinding concrete and other rough surfaces to polishing natural stone and sanding wooden floors.

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