HYDROPOLISH is a revolutionary product that addresses one of the most significant weaknesses of concrete polishing systems: stain resistance. No matter how amazing your polished concrete surface looks, it is susceptible to staining and damage from oils, acids, and even simple spills like wine or coffee.

HYDRO POLISH penetrates concrete pores and reacts, forming watertight silicone molecules that protect your concrete and won't wear away.

HYDRO POLISH works in tandem with Scientific Concrete Polishing's Sealer and Fortifier to create a triple-tight seal that gives you and your customer the confidence that everyday spills won't ruin the look of polished floors.

It drastically reduces maintenance costs over the lifetime of your floor. This concentrated version of HYDRO POLISH contains no phosphates, sodium hydroxides, or butyls.


  • Resists oil and chemical stains
  • UV Stable
  • Doesn't wear down like competing topical guards
  • Won't change the appearance, texture or slip resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Zero VOCs

The Concrete Protector
O40935 / S12007 / S12107

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