The Spartacote line expansion features new products ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial uses all backed by Laticrete warranties for a proven installation system.

  • Urethane Primer WB for Vertical WB, a waterborne urethane wall coating with a class A fire rating
  • Urethane Floor Sealer WB in satin or matte finish
  • Low-odor and low-VOC Epoxy Fill Coat
  • U.S. Agriculture Department (USA)-compliant SL Topping, a semi-self-leveling or seeded-high-solids epoxy
  • Epoxy Membrane, a coating underlayment that bridges surface cracks
  • Cove Gel, an epoxy that contributes toward MR 5 and EQ 4.2 under LEED
  • Moisture-tolerant General Primer for concrete, steel, and cement board as well as Spartacote epoxy and urethane systems
  • USDA- and U.S. Food and Drug Administration-compliant Vertical HB, a pigmented, high-build epoxy novolac coating for walls and ceilings
  • Oil Tolerant Primer epoxy to enhance bonding to concrete contaminated with vegetable and petroleum oils
  • Surface Build Quartz, a general-purpose epoxy used with Blended Quartz broadcasts to produce chemical- and abrasion-resistant floors for high-traffic interior applications such as commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities, and schools
  • Surface Build Flake, a general-purpose epoxy for use with Blended Chip broadcasts to create seamless flooring systems for light- to medium-traffic areas such as schools and water treatment facilities
  • Surface Build Top Coat UV can be combined with other products, such as Surface Build Quartz and Surface Build Flake, to create resinous flooring systems for research facilities, labs, and hospitals
  • Surface Build Pigments for SL Topping and Surface Build Flake


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