Euclid Chemical has recently launched Level Top PC-AGG, a self-leveling polishable topping that capitalizes on market trends and provides vastly improved performance over similar competitive products.

Level Top PC-AGG offers:

  • High flow and self-leveling properties, ensuring quick and simple placement
  • Fast strength gain: can be polished just 24 hours after installation
  • Cutting and polishing Level Top PC- AGG is easier and less abusive to equipment
  • The option to "seed" the surface with decorative quartz or glass, giving the look of terrazzo at a lower price.

Level Top PC-AGG Competitive Advantages:

  • Euclid Chemical has a unique ability to provide the entire polishable topping package, from the base concrete forensic analysis to the epoxy bonding material, the cementitious overlay, liquid densifier, and the final protective seal coat.
  • Our expertise in synthetic fiber reinforcement, shrinkage reducing admixtures, and aggregate gradation enable development of game-changing products like Level Top PC-AGG.
  • The unique blend of aggregate in Level Top PC-AGG makes the cutting stage of the polishing process faster, and causes less wear on expensive diamond-impregnated grinding pads. We have received feedback from contractors who have enjoyed as much as $1 to $1.50 per square foot in labor and equipment savings when using Level Top PC-AGG instead of a similar competitive product.

Euclid Chemical