VF Specialty Products, LLC (SPI), a VersaFlex Company, has set a new standard in the concrete lifting market with the industry’s first electrically-driven, self-contained equipment cart, designed specifically to lift sunken concrete slabs and roadways with polyurethane foam.

The performance engineered cart features a LPG low-pressure proportioner, a Lock n Load gun, compressor, generator, dual-refillable tanks, and the accessories necessary to lift, level and stabilize sunken concrete using SPI’s Eco Rise polyurethane foam. The innovative electric LPG cart has increased the contractor’s ability to undertake concrete lifting projects in densely populated residential and commercial areas.

Thanks to the compact design and mobility of the self-propelled electric cart, contractors can maneuver through narrow private gates, around multi-unit dwellings, and deep into commercial or industrial buildings. With minimal disruption to residents, businesses, pedestrians and vehicular traffic, the LPG cart provides easy access to sidewalks, alleyways, streets, municipal, city and state properties.

The electrically-driven LPG cart is simple to operate, and can be operated effortlessly by one person. When compared to mobilizing traditional large plural-component application equipment, and even larger crews, contractors utilizing the electric LPG cart experience increased productivity and benefit from labor cost savings on a jobsite.

The introduction of the electrically-driven, self-contained LPG cart has taken the concrete repair industry by storm, and continues to drive it in a new direction.

About VF Specialty Products, LLC

Since 1974, VF Specialty Products LLC (SPI) a VersaFlex Company, has continued to be a premier formulator and manufacturer of spray-and-pour-applied polyurea elastomers, polyurethane foams and custom plural component equipment.

We provide our clients with a one-stop shop solution through manufacturing our own products, spray application equipment and accessories, safety protection equipment, and provide 24/7 technical support. SPI is your trusted source for polyurea coatings, polyurethane foam systems, primers, coatings, and application equipment.

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