Last fall, the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association published CSDA ST-115 a new standard to quantifiably measure roughness averages of concrete floor finishes. Andy Bowman, lead trainer for the CSDA’s Concrete Polishing training classes, explained it in Concrete Surfaces  here. Christopher Bennett, specifications consultant for Husqvarna, recently shared his take on how this could potentially be a big step forward for the industry in an article for Durability + Design. He states:

The idea is that such a standard can help design professionals specify by measurable numbers their expectations for concrete floor finishes, and not leave them at the mercy of someone else’s interpretation of their specifications. To date, ST-115 is the only tool I know of that offers the design community quantifiable, scientific, and perhaps most importantly, repeatable results.

The measurement basis of ST-115 is Ra (roughness average) and the entire standard is available for free as part of CSDA's 2014-2015 Resource Guide.

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