3-jet Sprayer
3-jet Sprayer

Announcing the GFRC (3-jet Downward) Sprayer, from ToolCrete for concrete countertop and mold applications.

This is no ordinary sprayer found in a standard big box store, this tool will apply high fibered GFRC and aggregate filled mixes fast and evenly. The hopper holds approximately a gallon at a time and with the proper compressor you can fill a countertop or concrete mold with over 10 pounds of GFRC in under 60 seconds.

This versatile sprayer can be configured to spray with 1, 2 or 3 jet settings to work with various compressor sizes. Based upon the ToolCrete 3 jet wall and 3 jet combo sprayers for walls and ceilings, this sprayer has been designed to work with countertops and mold forms shooting in a downward angle. In comparison to traditional hand packing, spraying provides a higher quality final product with an even dispersion of fibers and less clumping.

This sprayer allows for projects to be easily scaled up and opens up creative opportunities previously not possible.


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