Hydrodemolition specialist manufacturer Aquajet Systems AB has introduced a new accessory for faster concrete surface preparation and shallow concrete removal on roads, bridges, airports, harbours, sewage pipes, water reservoirs and dams, etc. The Rotolance 2500 provides a cost-effective, fast and environmentally safe process for applications that successfully compete with all other tools used for this application. The mechanism of material removal by waterjets makes more controllable roughness, creates a better bonding surface, and can be easily adapted for any specific application.

The Rotolance 2500 is an ultra high water pressure tool (uhp) and is considerably faster than conventional manual methods of concrete preparation and removal. It also provides considerable labour costs savings. Possible operator injuries, including ‘white finger’- caused by hand-held manually operated equipment’ - is also eliminated with the vibration-free tool. Dust pollution is also eliminated. The new tool provides the same constant performance 24 hours/day and can be fitted to all Aqua Cutter robotic equipment.