Draygon Inc. has introduced a new walk-behind grinder that promises to outperform competing grinders while keeping harmful silica dust out of the air and workplace.

The grinding plates are designed to create a vortex that pulls dust up through the plates and into the dust extractor for dust-free dry grinding. Each plate holds up to 12 tools, and each tool can contain up to 10 segments. With as many as 120 diamond tool segments at work, the Draygon-Shine works faster, never labors the motor, and creates a smoother surface. The faster grind speed and greater diamond contact on the floor surface creates more heat, so Draygon developed the driver plates to cool the tools for longer wear. Draygon-Shine is available with 6 different quick-change tool systems The HD vented driver is available with magnetic mounts for a grind flat mill while the vented suspension hook tool holder will reach low spots on uneven floors.

The flexible design of the Draygon-Shine allows a variety of uses, including surface prep for coatings, removing old mastic, glues and thin sets, and rough grinding to finish polishing of concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. It is available with a 27”, 21" or 17" wide head, and includes an eight-gallon water tank for jobs that require wet grinding or additional weight.

Draygon paired the grinder with an S36 dust extractor and a C-3000 pre-separator from Pullman Ermator. The system is able to grind a lot of concrete, so the pre-separator keeps the job flowing and greatly reduces the need to clean or change the HEPA filters in the dust extractor.

Draygon Inc.

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