Diamond-Shell is the next generation in high performance coatings, likely to establish new performance benchmarks for durability and fast return to service in industrial flooring. Leveraging “new to the category technology,” it is conveniently packaged in a one-component product that is ready to use and easy to apply. Extreme results, easy and repeatable, fast and durable, makes Seal-Krete High Performance Diamond Shell the perfect choice for all your flooring needs.

  • Tough and Durable
  • Quick full return to service, in four hours at 75°F and 50% Rh
  • User friendly working time, reliable performance over a wide temperature range and climate conditions
  • Provides a high gloss, smooth finish over a wide variety of substrates and coatings
  • Single component, high solids and VOC compliance for easy, consistent installations; 1/4-inch lint free roller at approximately 4mils or 400sf/gal.
  • Proprietary aliphatic chemistry provides excellent protection from UV rays, harsh chemicals and abrasion.
  • Ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.