Ride-On Grinder from Concrete Polishing Solutions
Why walk when you can ride? Concrete Polishing Solutions introduced a new ride-on propane powered concrete grinder with power and ease of use.


Propane-driven Walk-behind Grinder from Draygon
Draygon Inc. has introduced a new walk-behind grinder that promises to outperform competing grinders while keeping harmful silica dust out of the air and workplace.

Concrete Floor Grinder from HTC
Although it's large and heavy-duty, the 800 HD Classic grinder is easy to handle, fitted with a 15 HP motor for power and three grinding discs for performance.

Combiflex 650 Propane
Combiflex 650 Propane

Scanmaskin Propane and DSP Floor Grinders from Jon-Don
Both the 650 Propane and 650 DSP have a 26-inch grinding path.

Heavy duty grinder and polisher from Levetec
This machine is for larger jobs above 10,000 sq. ft.

Propane grinder and polisher from Superabrasive
New propane 32-inch grinding and polishing machine from Superabrasive.

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