The new one and a half day workshop entitled ‘Specialist Training in the Application of Resin’ (or STAR program for short) has been designed to provide Flowcrete’s network of contractors with the skills and knowledge required to master the Flowfast range of MMA floors.

Flowcrete Americas Managing Director, Dave McNeece, said: “These new skills open up a world of new possibilities for contractors, as the fast cure nature of Flowfast drastically reduces the application time without compromising long term performance.

“Flowfast systems are able to fully cure and receive traffic after 60 minutes – a feat that other common resin flooring systems available to the market such as epoxy, unsaturated polyester, polyurethane and hybrid systems cannot match.”

This rapid curing formulation has a wide range of benefits for both contractors and users. The initial advantages are that the flooring team is freed up to work on new projects and follow on trades can be called onto the site much earlier than would normally be possible.

Alongside the curing process benefits, construction projects have been increasingly turning to Flowfast MMA systems for the cost efficient, durable and easy to maintain finish they create as well as the fact that they can be applied in custom designs and easily recoated.

Flowcrete Americas has put in place this training as the chemistry of Flowfast reactive resins differs significantly to alternative resin systems and therefore should not be handled in the same way. Contractors have to understand the viscosity and temperature sensitivities that will affect a Flowfast installation as well as the intricacies of the system’s fast-cure catalyst, how to test the bond strength and the impact that the on-site conditions can have.

The STAR program class begins by giving participants an insight into the unique characteristics of MMA resins, including the proper handling procedures as well as when they would typically be applied. The important health and safety aspects of installing Flowfast, as set out by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, is also clearly described.

The lesson is not all data and theory, as getting hands on with applying the material is an important aspect of the workshop. By the end of the first day all the teams in attendance will have completely installed every Flowfast system.

The final half-day is reserved for testing the participants' new knowledge and conducting an in-depth Q&A session to ensure that the lessons of the program have been fully absorbed.

To find out more about Flowcrete Americas’ STAR program or to sign up to one of the workshops ring +1 936 539 6700, email [email protected] or click here to visit the website.

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