The perfect product for stopping leaks in or around handholes, dams, below grade concrete walls, tunnels, elevator service pits, excavation pits, and tunneling launch pits.

Hydro Gel SX is a thin liquid resin that reacts with water to form either a closed cell, watertight foam or impermeable gel depending on the water to resin mix ratio (Range = 1:1 to 15:1 Water:Resin). Hydro Gel SX is used to seal actively leaking joints and cracks in below grade concrete structures.

Material is typically injected under pressure to curtain grout behind porous structures. It is also used for soil stabilization. Technical Description:
Single component, water activated, hydrophilic,
polyurethane injection resin (foam or gel).
- Curtain grouting manholes to seal leaks.
- Soil Stabilization
- Oil Free Oakum may be soaked in Hydro Gel SX to
create a watertight gasket.

Benefits: - Stops flowing water
- Expands to form bonds to wet concrete
- Foam or gel, depending on mix
- NSF / ANSI standard 61 approved for contact with
drinking water

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