The Step 1 tool is designed to operate in conjunction with the CRMX Surface Refining Agent. This will remove the most difficult scratches on even the hardest concrete surfaces. Use the surface refining agent at the start of step 1 to aid in removing scratches eliminating the need for grinding.

Step 2 tool is the refinement tool in the system, it is made from natural earth materials and will not transfer resins on the concrete surface that cause contaminated finishes. After using the tool apply the densifier and hardener chemical. It is a colorless liquid which hardens and dust proofs concrete. The Step 3 tool is the single polishing tool in the system, constructed with the highest grade epoxy resins available, producing a clean finish with an average gloss readings rate of 70. Finish with the acid blocker chemical to produce a high performance, ultra-hard, watertight dust repellent surface.

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