Most equipment and fleet management software tools are designed either for use in the office or use at the job site. Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Equipment Field Management software bridges the gaps between the office, the equipment yard, and all your job sites with an array of tools that deliver the right information to the right people wherever they are working.

In the office, where fleet investment and management decisions need to be made, access to comprehensive and powerful applications is needed. Spectrum delivers these applications, but unlike most other solutions, also provides the means by which timely and accurate field data can be entered into the system. The dashboard and mobile apps that make up Spectrum Equipment Field Management provide all your field staff with access to vital equipment information and lets them enter important meter readings, fuel usage, location, and usage data.

For users in the field, access to up-to-date equipment information is a screen tap away. Equipment and project managers can access the Spectrum Dashboard via tablet when work takes them away from the office. The Dashboard features user-configurable apps that present you with the information you need to manage field operations, including the deployment and maintenance of your equipment fleet. Each Spectrum user can choose from a large number of existing dashboard apps, customize them, and even build their own. The dashboard is available to everyone in your company and because Spectrum is cloud-based, important information and data entry is available to everyone, wherever work takes them.

When field information such as fuel consumption, meter readings, usage hours, and labor hours need to be quickly captured, Dexter + Chaney has extended the reach of Spectrum into easy-to-use mobile apps. For example, all equipment operators can simply download the Spectrum Equipment Field Entry app right from the iTunes or Google Play app store onto their smart phones. The apps are free to download and work with a company’s Spectrum Equipment Field Management software. These apps can even be used offline at sites where wireless Internet connectivity is poor or non-existent – they simply re-synchronize with Spectrum when a connection is made. In addition to providing for quick and easy capture of equipment data from the field, the Equipment Field Entry app will push out reminders to equipment managers and operators whenever preventive maintenance tasks are due for their machines.

Optimizing the use and care of your equipment fleet can mean the difference between jobs that make or lose money. And it takes a coordinated effort between the office and the field to make this happen. Spectrum Field Equipment Management tools deliver the information and intelligence to everyone involved, from virtually any device, wherever their work gets done.

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