DustOut is a water additive used primarily in all areas of dust mitigation, i.e: road stabilization, construction, hydro seeding applications and areas where there is a need for water conservation.

JOSELI, LLC in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the launch of their new DustOut dust mitigation water additive product to the global marketplace. The partnership is part of the Design For The Environment Program (DfE) safer chemical use initiative for commercial formulators. The basic goal of the initiative is to seek and promote innovative chemical products, technologies, and practices that benefit human health and the environment. JOSELI has formulated in DustOut, a dust control product that meets EPA/DfE’s safer product criteria and offers improved health and environmental characteristics. Of most significance, DustOut contains no hazardous solvents, environmental harmful adhesives or other problematic ingredients. Instead, it contains a proprietary blend of stabilizers, adhesives and other ingredients that exhibit more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional dust control formulations and poses no threat to the Earth’s Ozone layer.

DustOut is formulated to help ensure a safer work environment. We think that nature has provided us with water as the best alternative for dust control, so we just make it better with a little help from nature itself. Workers will avoid potential exposure to and hazard from problematic chemicals in conventional dust control products. Assuring better air quality for job site employees and communities, DustOut degrades in the environment within six months of application. With no special equipment required, DustOut inhibits toxic dust on unpaved roads, mining and construction sites as well as quarries, recreational areas agricultural and forestry. DustOut can also be used in Hydroseeding as a tackifier by maximizing adhesion and seed germination of flora and grasses.

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