Public fleets looking to convert to propane autogas can opt for the RC20 or RC25 regenerative turbine models.

Blackmer, a global leader in positive displacement and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies, is pleased to announce the integration of Ebsray products into its stable of Autogas-equipment solutions for use in the North and South American Autogas/LPG markets. Ebsray was acquired by Blackmer’s parent company, PSG, in May of 2013.

Blackmer is offering the Ebsray RC20 and RC25 Regenerative Turbine Pump models for use in Autogas-handling applications that require long pump life, quiet operation and the ability to handle high differential pressures. In side-by-side tests with competitive models, the Ebsray pumps were proven to be 30% more efficient in terms of energy use.

The Ebsray models RC20 and RC25 regenerative turbine pumps have single-stage, bronze impellers, ductile-iron casings and high-tensile alloy-steel shafts. The pumps produce flows to 24 gpm (90 L/min) at pressures to 145 psi (10 bar) with speeds to 3,600 rpm and a power range to 4 HP (3 kW), and are UL-listed for LPG/Autogas applications.

To complement these pumps for Autogas-handling operations, Blackmer is also offering the Ebsray Model RV18 Bypass Valve, which enables regenerative turbine pumps to offer full pump flow while maintaining controlled preset maximum pressures. The RV18 bypass valves are constructed of ASTM A395 ductile iron with steel springs. They have been hydrostatically tested to 1,000 psi (70 bar) and are UL-listed for LPG/Autogas service.

Blackmer also offers its own LGL150 Series Sliding Vane Pump for Autogas-handling applications. The LGL150 pumps offer the highest level of energy efficiency in Autogas-handling with no compromise in flow rates. The pumps are constructed of ASTM A536 ductile iron, Duravanes, replaceable cavitation-suppression liners, internal relief valves, and mechanical seals, and with optional C-face mountings in NEMA and IEC sizes. They are UL-listed for LPG/Autogas use and offer flow rates from 11-32 gpm (42-122 L/min) at pressures from 140-200 psi (10-13.8 bar) and speeds to 1,750 rpm with a power range of 3-5.2 HP (2-4 kW).


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