With the new fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix (FRCM) from Simpson Strong-Tie, contractors can effectively repair, protect and strengthen concrete and masonry structures for a fraction of the installed cost of traditional shotcrete repairs that use rebar. The new FRCM externally bonded Composite Strengthening System combines high-performance sprayable mortar with a carbon-fiber grid that creates a thin structural layer without significantly increasing the structure’s weight or volume.

Because of its reduced preparation and installation time, FRCM is in many cases the most economical available solution for adding flexural, axial, or shear strength to a range of structures. The lightweight, sprayable matrix is ideal for application on overhead or vertical surfaces in buildings such as tunnels, mines, parking garages, silos, bridges, and other structures with large surface areas. A single, one-inch layer provides sufficient structural strengthening without substantially constricting tight spaces or adversely affecting facility operations. Further strengthening can be obtained as necessary through the application of up to four additional half-inch layers.

FRCM can:

  • Strengthen aging, damaged or overloaded structures
  • Be used to repair surfaces and strengthen them in a single application
  • Correct size and layout errors
  • Match the substrate’s finish
  • Upgrade ratings for live loads due to changes of use or new equipment
  • Assist in seismic retrofits by adding shear strength and mitigating displacement and ductility
  • Work on damp substrates, and in harsh environments that may expose the system to high temperatures, humidity, abrasion, and ultraviolet (UV) exposure

FRCM Components
The sprayable, fiber-reinforced cementitious matrix (CSS-CM) is available in 55 lb. (24.9 kg) bags. The accompanying carbon-fiber grid is available in two separate models to suit the needs of any project: bidirectional (BCG) and unidirectional (UCG). Each roll of carbon-fiber grid measures 77 inches (1.95 meters) wide and 164 feet (50 meters) long.

These products and components were tested together in UL Design No. N859, and achieved a four-hour fire rating when subjected to ASTM E119/UL 263 full-scale fire testing.

For additional information on FRCM, including technical data sheets, applications and more, visit strongtie.com/frcm.

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