Beast Deck Foot makes the sky the limit for improved efficiency and floor levelness results for concrete placement crews.

The latest addition to the Beast Screed line of concrete accessories, Beast Deck Foot now allows concrete placement crews to utilize Stego Industries’ point-to-point guide screed system on elevated deck pours. In common wet-screeding practices, crews will check and re-check their slab levels when using “cow patties” or “wet pads.” This cumbersome process requires placement crews to waste valuable time and resources.

Beast Screed eliminated this decades-old practice with its three-component system: an adhesive foot that does not puncture the vapor barrier, a screed post that can be cut to the measurement of the slab level, and an adjustable cap with 2” of height adjustment that can be set in place before concrete placement and never checked again.

Beast Deck Foot replaces the adhesive foot in the three-component system. Its pre-drilled holes allow placement crews to nail or screw Beast Deck Foot to wood or metal decks. And its relative size ensures it does not compromise slab integrity and makes it invisible after concrete is placed and wood forms are removed.

No matter how many levels the next project goes, concrete placement crews can count on Beast Deck Foot for greater efficiency, allowing crews to forget about cow patties or wet pads and get the job done quicker. Not only are the results more efficient, they’re more effective; the Beast Screed point-to-point guide system has provided measurable improvements in floor levelness (fL) numbers.

Beast Deck Foot is also cost-effective: the 100% virgin polypropylene feet are far less expensive than the additional manhours required to place concrete using a wet-screeding process. Beast Screed Post and Beast Screed Adjustable Cap are removed during concrete placement and can be reused.

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