Businesses have unique management needs, and—depending on the size of the company— reporting structures that are complex and changing. The last word in how employees are managed should fall to the company, not their software. That’s why ExakTime created FlexOrg, the cleanest, most intuitive system available for organizing, managing and tracking employees.

Many time tracking systems demand a piecemeal approach to gathering managers or employees into groups or crews, and require that you use either policies or a combination of other features to tie these employees or groups together. ExakTime’s new FlexOrg tool offers a one-stop shop for all of the structuring you need to do throughout your company.

This one tool makes it easier than ever for companies to efficiently set up and maintain their employees for time management. You can assign crews to single or multiple managers or supervisors within your organization as needed. You can also change how employees are managed in bulk without having to add or attach them individually to the their new supervisors’ or managers’ list.

Build out your organization
Everything in FlexOrg is custom-built by you within our user-friendly, color-coded system and named to mirror the structure of your organization. You can create up to seven levels to house your companies, regions, facilities, cities, crews and more. Each item within each level is a “block”; multiple blocks can exist within each level—depending on , for example, how many supervisors you have within a specific region or how many crews within a city.

The levels in FlexOrg reflect the primary structure of your organization (i.e. different companies, or various locations by city or region) and should not need to be changed often, but lower levels (i.e. crews and employees) can be added or changed as often as needed. You can update your entire FlexOrg chart whenever necessary by saving your new chart as a draft, and then overwriting the old chart with the new one when you’re ready.

Drag and drop, insert and assign
Move or update employees so that supervisors can see and manage who they need to—no more, no less. Existing View Sets will be updated based on employee associations made to your structure. FlexOrg can also serve as a roadmap for your business for everything from time card sign-off and activity tracking to chain of command on tasks such as pre-construction meetings, new software onboarding, and more.

These are a few examples of the ways you can use FlexOrg for a seamless and fluid approach to your company’s labor tracking:

  • Choose names and colors so they reflect the logic or your company’s or corporation’s management structure.
  • Add multiple managers to one level, and assign crews to more than one manager, or move floating crews.
  • Check an employee screen to review where an employee is assigned.
  • Insert a newly created facility or management level with one or more blocks between two existing levels.
  • Turn FlexOrg on or off, and create up to two FlexOrg drafts at once for your changing business.
  • Implement pre-prepared FlexOrg draft as soon as business structure changes so no employee oversight falls through cracks.

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