Credit: Uli Reitz, Litho: Heike Graser

The next generation Hilti Hand-held gas saws DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X incorporate an innovative technology called Easy Start that automatically sets the proper amount of choke for more first- pull starts.  With Easy Start, there’s no need to worry about adjusting the choke—simply flip the switch “on” and pull the starter rope. 

Hilti’s innovative Cyclone Air Filtration System removes most of the dust and debris from the engine air intake flow using centrifugal force. This process is perfected by suctioning the cleanest air from the center of the cyclone which is then sent to the filter.  This dramatically increases the filter’s lifetime and performance, meaning less downtime for contractors.

The DSH 700-X is a 70cc saw is available in 12- and 14-inch models, while the DSH 900-X is a 90cc saw in 14- and 16-inch models.  On-site maintenance is made simple, thanks to an easy-to-access and change starter rope, air filter housing and a reinforced blade guard.  Common maintenance parts such as air filters, starter ropes, spark plug, and fuel filter are included to deliver unparalleled productivity, ease of use and reliability. 

Hilti gas saws perform well in a variety of base materials including all types of concrete, masonry (hollow-brick, limestone, etc.), steel and asphalt.   They excel in applications such as cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size, perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete, cutting expansion joints in fresh concrete, cutting steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets, and cutting openings in brick or concrete walls.

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