Intercomp’s LS-WIM (Weigh-in-Motion) System is the efficient, and affordable, method to operate and track vehicle traffic entering and leaving any facility or material yard. The system allows a yard manager, company controller, or any other member of the organization, the ability to monitor all materials entering and exiting any type of facility from a aggregates yard, to a cement production facility. By tracking incoming and outgoing materials, the LS-WIM System creates and easy way for those tasked with ordering raw materials an easy way to stay on top of inventory.

A key feature to the success of the LS-WIM System is its small footprint, yet a boasts an overall width of 13 feet, large enough to accommodate large vehicles and equipment. Traditionally, when attempting to weigh a large vehicle, utilizing a full-size truck weighbridge was the only feasible option for high-traffic facilities. For many businesses, the maintenance and space requirements to install such a tool make this a prohibitive option. As an example, that leaves yard managers to make educated guesses on the materials they need to fulfil current jobs.

In addition to atop inventory levels, Intercomp’s LS-WIM System will weigh each vehicle, axle by axle. This allows truck drivers the ability to adjust their vehicle to maximize the onboard load, while also staying within legal axle weight limits. This ensures that each truck leaving a particular facility is making the most effective use of its capacity, while also not costing the company money, in the form of violations and citations. In these two examples, the company lost money. Whether it was the inability to complete a contracted job in the time allotted, or fines that came as a result of improper loading, those two situations cut into profit margins. In either case, making the investment in an LS-WIM System would have saved money, over time.

In addition to saving money from an inventory and violation standpoint, the ability to weigh vehicles while they enter and exit a particular facility allows an effective way to track materials while not stopping traffic. This method of weighing produces results from one- to two-percent with vehicles traveling up to 10mph.

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