Test cylinders rarely reflect the actual in-place concrete, both in terms of temperatures and strengths—especially during the critical early ages, when it is most important to know the strengths for construction task scheduling. Those days are gone with the new NEX TruMatch Cure Box from Con-Cure. Using smart IoTwireless technology, TruMatch creates the perfect curing environment for test cylinders, no matter where the cure box may be. Sensors embedded in the in-place concrete wirelessly transmit the changing temperatures in real time via the Cloud directly to the TruMatch box, which heats or cools circulated water to match. In so doing, the test samples cure identically to the field concrete, eliminating any difference in strength and maturity between the cylinders and the actual concrete they emulate.

The important difference between the NEX TruMatch Cure Box and any other match-cure system is in how the temperature values are transmitted to the box. In conjunction with Con-Cure’s innovative award-winning cloud-based NEX concrete temperature and maturity monitoring system, the user selects which field sensor’s data is to be matched by TruMatch. Then, TruMatch continuously monitors the constantly changing temperature within the field concrete and matches that temperature directly to a sensor embedded in a test cylinder inside the box. Temperatures, strengths and maturities are then matched for the duration of the curing period. Contractors and producers benefit by knowing the soonest they can begin breaking cylinders to determine the earliest moment that safe form-stripping and post-tensioning operations can begin. TruMatch also saves on energy because users can monitor, in real time, the exact curing history of both in-place concrete and test cylinder temperatures, which optimizes external heating operations, usually allowing for early cessation of heating. Perfect for any kind of concrete operations, TruMatch truly excels for any concrete work done in extreme environments, such as cold-weather and hot-weather concreting, by eliminating the guesswork about test cylinders completely.

Also, it is absolutely ideal for precast production and QC, because test cylinders no longer need to be awkwardly cured underneath steam tents. In fact, because the cure box can be located anywhere, TruMatch revolutionizes quality control for precasters by allowing test cylinders to be cast in the most convenient location and cured under ideal match-cured conditions, away from busy concrete operations that can harm the test samples themselves. When combined with the maturity method, NEX TruMatch brings a whole new level of certainty to concrete cylinder testing. Users will always know the actual in-place strength of the curing concrete at any age, verified by the cylinders cured in the TruMatch cure box. Cylinder testing can commence sooner, saving valuable time and pushing concrete schedules ahead safely and reliably. TruMatch provides the most accurate testing method for concrete yet devised, bringing IoT technology to every construction site. Match-curing, reimagined: NEX TruMatch from Con-Cure.

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