The patented RoMar Frog will forever change the way contractors and consumers install piers, footers, light poles, fence posts and more. Every one of us has had to deal with remote sites on wet lots where cement trucks will fear to tread. That means long hours, back breaking labor, wasted concrete sloshed out of wheel barrows a football field away from the road where the concrete truck sits all the while your concrete is setting and getting harder and harder to work with.

The RoMar Frog is custom engineered Skid Loader attachment that allows your machine to drive right up to the concrete truck and load your concrete. The RoMar Frog with your concrete in tow remains stable on even the roughest terrain, and the job is done safely and efficiently in a matter of minutes. Now what used to take a crew of men working long hours in the most adverse conditions can be done in a fraction of the time with one machine operator and a guy with a trough to screed the concrete smooth on the top of the pier - even the Park Manager can do that!

The RoMar Frog can be used for all kinds of applications including pouring footers forbasements and crawl spaces and posts for fences, light poles and decks. Anywhere the concrete truck won't go, the RoMar Frog leads the pack while reducing labor costs, increasing safety and productivity and finally adding that much needed boost to your bottom line in today's market.

The RoMar Frog is the economical choice when the wheel barrow breaks your back and large equipment and pump trucks break the bank and are inefficient and too costly for the job at hand. Get ahead of the competition and reserve your RoMar Frog today! Limited quantities available.

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