Introducing the RotaBELT T3D Mixer Mounted Conveyor Series with Patented Rotating Chute Design. The innovative team behind RotaBELT has been setting the standards in the concrete conveyor industry since 1977. The worldwide leader, from their introduction of the mixer mounted conveyor concept to the first telescoping unit created over 20 years ago, they have once again raised the bar with their patented, game changing design.

Introduced to the U.S. market in 2014, the RotaBELT T3D16 Mixer Mounted Conveyor has the longest reach of any conveyor system available in North America today and features a patented 360° rotating chute providing over 80% more coverage than any other unit on the market. A telescoping midsection combined with the patented rotating chute allows quick precise concrete placement. The RotaBELT T3D series can literally pour around corners, making it the only conveyor without a blind spot! The efficiency of the newly designed RotaBELT T3D series allows you to pour up to a 33’x 49’ slab without ever having to move your truck. These new units eliminate the backbreaking task of wheelbarrowing and most of the raking associated with placement, so now concrete can be placed with less manpower and more machine power, increasing safety as well as productivity.

RotaBELT conveyor systems are completely independent of the mixer’s hydraulic system. The multi-stage pump provides ample flow for all functions without requiring special oil. The unit features a wireless radio control with rechargeable batteries and proportional controls that allow the operator to smoothly and safely place concrete exactly where the contractor wants it, while controlling the speed of the belt and mixer functions with his fingertips.

The RotaBELT T3D series mixer-mounted conveyors provide a wide range of benefits to the ready mix producer and concrete finisher. By offering placement services with the RotaBELT T3D series, companies stand apart from the competition and increase job opportunities. More jobs and more concrete sold. Scheduling is made simple with an all in one concrete placement system. Now producers can place their own concrete, eliminating third party scheduling complications and delays. Placement fees typically bring in 10-30% more revenue on each yard placed and most companies see their R.O.I. within the first year.

Conveying concrete is ideal for everyday jobs where pumping would be overkill. Producers are seeing the RotaBELT T3D series patented chute has been so efficient contractors will automatically add it to their bids and use it on almost every job. It enables finishers to do more in less time and with less hassle, increasing everyone’s bottom line.

Since 1953 Shumaker Industries has been servicing the ready mix industry. Now Shumaker Industries is the exclusive dealer of RotaBELT products in North America. Led by Mark Knutson’s 24 years of hands-on experience and knowledge in mixer-mounted conveyors, Shumaker Industries brings you RotaBELT, the premium choice in concrete placement systems.

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