The answer to OSHA’s Table 1 silica rule is here!

The Silica Slayer by FlowZone allows contractors to easily and affordably comply with OSHA's new Table 1 silica rule by providing a rugged backpack reservoir with a lithium-ion powered pump to deliver water to wet saws and core drills to knock down silica dust and effectively protect workers' lungs. This solution allows a single worker up to two and a half hours of battery life for wet cutting, core drilling, and spraying of concrete with just one 4-gallon tank on his back, eliminating the need for an extra worker spraying dust down with a manual sprayer or pushing a heavy, expensive HEPA vacuum. The backpack also improves the contractor's mobility by allowing for awkward cutting angles, working on higher floors, and in more space-restricted environments.

In addition to being a water source for silica disruption, the Silica Slayer can seamlessly transform into a sprayer for applying chemicals used on the same job site like applying concrete curing compounds, wood form release, concrete sealants, coloring compounds, and so much more! Because the Silica Slayer pump is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the spray pressure is constant (up to 110 PSI). The constant pressure both reduces manual pump time and allows for an even application of materials with a consistent flow rate in comparison to a manual sprayer starting at a high pressure and decreasing pressure until it is manually pumped up again. Equipped with a heavy duty diaphragm pump and high quality Viton seals, these harsh chemicals will not degrade the sprayer seals over time. Silica Slayer helps contractors improve their bottom line while trimming labor costs and staying 100% OSHA Table 1 compliant.

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