The Burke Lockable Dowel is innovative because it helps to eliminate pour strips in typical large cast in place pours and post tension construction. With a smooth dowel in a rectangular slot, the Burke Lockable Dowel allows contraction movement in two directions while also carrying the gravity loads once the concrete has reached its designed compression strength. It is being used in slabs to provide temporary movement which allows the project team to continue normal operations. With traditional pour strips, there are safety concerns as well as material movement issues. By using the Burke Lockable Dowel, the general contractor no longer faces the safety concern of having a gap in the slab to work around. Other trades can also get in sooner and move more freely on the jobsite, especially when using mobile equipment such as fork lifts. The Burke Lockable Dowel helps to move the schedule for all trades more efficiently. It is the advanced solution to costly forms, added floor space, time consumption and maintenance issues.

The benefits of the Burke Lockable Dowel are:

  • No pour strips
  • Eliminates more than 30 days from construction schedules
  • Dramatically improves on-site safe work conditions
  • Significant labor and material cost savings

The Burke Lockable Dowel also comes with a design tool provided via the Meadow Burke website. The program is user-friendly and comes with free technical support. Engineers use the software to calculate how many dowels are needed on the job to eliminate the pour strip.

The Burke Lockable Dowel design tool features:

  • Project design simplification
  • Accurate placement design of the Lockable Dowel components and reinforcement elements
  • 3D view of system installed in concrete, user chooses points of view
  • Detailed calculation reporting using ACI1318-11 Appendix D
  • Provides formula logic
  • Extensive QC documentation with reference codes

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