Thank you taking the time to learn about ElastoCrete.™ This product will change your buisness and your profitability. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy with ElastoCrete™. Industry changing elastic properties give it the ability to expand or contract depending on the movement and or the deflection of the substrate. Unlimited color options using any uv stable pigments, allowing you to achieve bright or intense colors as well as typical standard concrete colors. It can be poured over wood, concrete, VCT, and vinyl.

ElastoCrete™ has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties allowing it to also be poured right over Comercial carpet. With our Patent Pending CushionCrete™ system you are able to pour over recycled rubber underlayment, you can have a true floating flexible concrete floor with 5000 plus psi and a natural cushion that makes it more comfortable to stand and walk on. (Big plus for doctors, nurses and people who stand on concrete for long periods of time.) Even on basketball courts it gives it a hardwood floor feel with lines and logos that are colored through and can't wear off. One of the unique properties of ElastoCrete™ Is how it bonds to itself without priming or extra prep with no sign of a repair line. Also when you are mixing, simply take some material from your mix and put some in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.

The next day it you find places in your surface that were poured with dips or voids, take your bag out of the freezer.(The product won't freeze.) Place some of the material in the void and let it cure out then polish it with the rest of your pour, It will bond perfectly. (Another very big difference from other concrete flooring and countertop products available today.) ElastoCrete™ can also be mixed to a cookie dough consistency to be placed on stair treads, fire pits, wall panels, shower panels, even ceilings and sono tubes on the inside of the tube or outside to create pillars etc.

With our ElastoCrete™ Release your project can be demolded from the tube easily the next day. We believe ElastoCrete™ Is industry changing and will increase the profits of buisness owners with less material cost, less labor, less time, and more versatility for their market and applications needs. We hope you will check our product it WILL change your business.

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