The EH5520 has a 30,000 foot-pound crane rating and has maximum lift of 5,500 pounds. The EH4520 can lift 4,500 pounds and has a max lift moment of 20,000 foot-pounds. The cranes feature a planetary winch mounted on the boom to maintain cable tension.The new cranes are mounted with a universal 14.75” x 14.75” bolt pattern, which allow the cranes to be added to a variety of truck bodies.

The EH5520 and EH4520 are only available in the short-tower design and include several popular features:- They have a 3 gallon-per-minute power pack for maximized crane speeds.
- There is a self-protecting thermal shutdown built into the 12-volt DC motor.
- A proportional wireless crane remote is standard.
- An optional battery isolator is available to keep the crane battery charged while avoiding a drain on the chassis battery.

The new cranes will also be offered in full hydraulic versions as well (H4520-ST and H5520-ST), they offer 580 degrees of rotation and boom elevation from -13° to +78°.

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